Bob is the accumulation of six years of Olivier Hendrikx programming the automation of the systems onboard S/V Inspirity, a Lagoon 470 he made his home in 2009. With more than 40,000 nautical miles of safe navigation as Captain of Inspirity Olivier set out to program systems onboard Inspirity to assist with both safety and efficiency.

Brenda joined Olivier onboard Inspirity full time in 2015. She was the former founder of a enterprise software company that was successfully acquired in 2008. Her executive role in the company had been in sales and she immediately recognized an opportunity to turn Olivier’s great idea’s into an AI called Bob.

From the combined strength’s of Olivier and Brenda, Bob was born, what a great team!

“Living full time onboard Inspirity gives us lots of time for real world testing. We couldn’t be happier with our shared passion and progress to date. We are both super excited and would very much welcome your ideas and feedback for Bob”

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Olivier and Brenda