Olivier Hendrikx


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Olivier was twelve years old when he decided he was going to own a boat and sail the world. It took 37 years before he was to realize his dream. He started April 2009 with a sail from Las Palmas to Mallorca.

Since 1970 Olivier has sailed more than 50,000 nautical miles, the North Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic, Cape Horn and across the South Pacific.

Olivier's education and experience span university studies in Physics and a nurtured strong interest in computer sciences in both software and hardware.

As the successful owner of a physiotherapy practice in Schwyz, Switzerland for 25 years and the Founder and CEO of Inspirity a timeshare company with luxury catamarans on the Isle of Man, Olivier brings a huge wealth of additional education and experience to his many years and miles of experience as the Captain of Inspirity.

“ Inspirity was my dream, I am living that dream. What a great pleasure it is for me to share my dream with others. For me my happiest moments come from helping others relax, breathe and recharge in natures beautiful surroundings"

Brenda Robinson


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Brenda joined Olivier in 2015 and brings a wealth of experience in developing business, having more than 12 years' experience growing an international enterprise software company, from a start-up through two successful mergers and acquisitions.

After a time of well earned rest, Brenda remembered her early retirement dream to become a minimalist and sail the world, thus a plan was formulated to sell all her earthly possessions in 2014 and her search for the right boat to call home began.

Brenda met Olivier online, he was in French Polynesia and she in Canada when they began correspondence by email in November 2014. A great friendship began by email and ended with Brenda joining Olivier in French Polynesia Oct, 2015 almost a year to the date they began chatting online.

"I am so happy I met Olivier. Not only do I live a life most only dream of, I have also fallen in love with both Olivier and Inspirity. We now both look forward to sharing our happiness with all our friends."